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Praise for The Original Vanilla Bug Spray

Read what other people just like you are saying about our amazing Vanilla Bug Spray!

Praise for The Original Vanilla Spray"Our cat brought home fleas, we had them everywhere in the house... until the frontline took effect we were under attack! I sprayed this on my feet and ankles and they quit jumping on me. amazing stuff. I use it on my pets daily to help keep them bite free"

Julie F - Bartonville IL

"If my wife hadn't made me use this last weekend at the campsite I don't know what we would have done. The new gnat problem isn't ours anymore thanks to this."

Roger S - Morton IL

"I picked up a bottle of this from the bait shop and let me tell ya I was shocked. I went fishin for a few hours and I don't recall being bothered once. I will tell my fishin buddys about this spray."

Bill J - Pekin IL

"We were getting eaten alive in the backyard all last weekend. I didn't know what else to do. I used other bug sprays and yard sprays but nothing kept the Buffalo Gnats away from the kids. Luckily for this weekend we had bought some of your Vanilla Spray from your store. I don't know if I will ever use anything else!!! NO BITES ON THE KIDS! WOOHOO!"

Stacy A - Tremont IL

"Works great!! Would recommend it to anyone who does yard work. Thank you again."

Steve P - East Peoria IL

"THANK YOU!! For making something that actually works. We were down by the river this past weekend and the bugs were just horrible. A friend had some of your spray and I couldn't believe how great it worked. There are other "vanilla sprays" out there that do not work as good as this. You've made a believer out of me. Thanks again."

Nancy G - Chillicothe IL

"I was very skeptical about using this product at first. My son has very sensitive skin and most topical applications usually leave him red. This spray not only worked, but it didn't irritate his skin. I finally found something I could use. Thank you."

Syndee C - Galveston TX

"I bought this stuff for my girlfriend to use and she loves it. She didn't like smelling like nasty bug spray all the time. After doing some searching, I found your site. Just wanted to tell you that is smells really good and it works. Thanks."

Dustin D - Metairie LA

"Great product, works like a charm. I will be back and will send my friends! Wish I found you guys a month earlier."

VG - Virginia

"Add New England to the places that love Vanilla Bug Spray. Took it camping in New Hampshire, to the beach in Maine and in my backyard in Massachusetts. Didn't get bit once! Best of all, I smell like cupcakes. VBS is the best! "

Teresa C - Boston, MA

"I love this spray. I am big into walking and being outside and couldn't because of the mosquitos and gnats. This really works to keep those pests away. So glad I was introduced to it. And I love that there are no chemicals in it either. Wonderful product."

Mary - East Dubuque IL

"I bought your product because I didn't want to smell like bug spray on my wedding day (we got married outdoors in the Berkshires, MA). I love the smell of vanilla. So, on a whim I searched vanilla bug spray and found you. Your product is lovely. I have been using it for a year now. The vanilla is perfect for me. However, I love the cedar as well. I like that it's a more masculine scent. All of my friends try to steal the spray from me. I just ordered 4 more bottles (2 of each) for a family vacation in Costa Rica. Thanks for this product. "

Liza - New York, NY

"VBS is the best bug repellent I've ever used. My hat's off to your wonderful company, I thank you, my little dogs thank you and my Granddaughters thank you."

Neal - California

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