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About Us - The Original Vanilla Bug Spray

...a glimpse into our company...

About Us - Vanilla Bug SprayThis company started from the ground up in the fall of 2008. Our founder wanted a product that was both effective and contained no harsh chemicals for her grandchildren. Nothing was working so she decided to formulate such a product. In the beginning it was just a few employees...and then something extraordinary happened. We did it. We made a spray that is both effective and contains no harsh chemicals. It's safe for children and pets.

Buffalo Gnats. No, really. Buffalo gnats are so annoying and virtually nothing works to stop them from dive bombing you. Until now. That is the reason our company has grown to the size it is today. The Original Vanilla Bug Spray (VBS) was being bought so fast our production was barely keeping up. Before we knew it the word of mouth locally was enormous. People from all over central Illinois were coming in to buy VBS.

With all the demand we had in 2009, we decided that growing is unavoidable. So we staffed up, increased production and hit the road. We started to stock local stores with our product, from restaurants to golf pro shops. Eventually our sights were set even bigger. With the help of the internet our product has reached nationwide status. In 2010 we were being used in 13 states.

We're not done growing either. We have such a strong confidence in our product that we're working around the clock to ensure that VBS is sold in a store near you.

What is so special about VBS you ask? We'd like to think its our owner putting magic in every bottle. Until that is proven however, we're sticking with facts. Our product contains no DEET. This is a very big point for many consumers. Why use anything else?

Enjoy the outdoors. Bug free.

The Original Vanilla Bug Spray

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